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Principal Data Scientist (VP Level)


Hyderabad, IN / Bangalore, IN
  • Job Type: Full-Time
  • Function: Data Science
  • Industry: Enterprise
  • Post Date: 05/02/2021
  • Website:
  • Company Address: 805 Veterans Boulevard Suite 300, Redwood City, CA, 94063

About Aviso

Aviso helps sales teams close more deals with its proven AI for sales platform. We are trusted by successful sales organizations at leading companies, including Dell/EMC, MongoDB, FireEye, Splunk, RingCentral, SailPoint and more.

Job Description

Data Scientist

Who we are...
How is Aviso AI different from other approaches in the marketplace?

Most traditional AI approaches in Sales have focused on one narrow slice of the process. These approaches try to "improve" that slice while not addressing the overall malaise of human judgement biases. Aviso approaches Sales from a fundamentally different angle. Instead of pre-identifying slices of the current process and trying to improve them, Aviso looks at all disparate data sets generated during a sales cycle (e.g. raw data in CRM, activity data from Calendar, deal room conversations, and support & success tools), combine them into a single opportunity focused view, and generate training data and models which allows us to decode and isolate the human behavior which drives sales for each individual customer. This allows us to decode not only explicit behaviors (judgement on moving stages, categories etc), but also implicit behaviors (when are these values being changed and their sequencing.). Aviso’s AI Compass uses an automated machine learning framework for feature discovery and model building. As new customers are onboarded, Aviso bootstraps history from the source systems, Aviso’s machine learning framework discovers the most predictive features for that customer and builds an ensemble of predictive models from that history. As customers use the product, our temporal database builds a history of all data sources which our AutoML engine uses to retrain these models as the business changes. Predictions from these models are generated and published daily as insights, nudges, and team-wide actions. Our temporal database also allows us to backtest our predictions and see how new model types, feature selection techniques or data sources provide gains over a wider past period.

Aviso is seeking Data Scientists to work hand-in-hand with Aviso’s operations and development teams. Reporting directly to the Chief Scientist, you will be working with the founders, sales, product, and customer success teams to ensure that customers are delighted with Aviso solutions. You should be passionate about solving hard real-world enterprise problems by architecting, building and operating a highly scalable infrastructure.

This is the job for you, if…
● You are that unique person who is equally comfortable with understanding business, connecting the dots between business and data, thinking out of the box, involved in research with innovative ideas, solving deep and complex problems, hands-on data science.
● Looking at, understanding and working with a large set of information (including feature engineering), variety of datasets (including translating mathematics into programs), and data types (including text, image, speech processing).

This is what you’ll do…
● Conceive, plan, align and prioritize Data Science initiatives with Aviso’s goals.
● Work in the Data Science team and build Machine Learning models.
● Apply critical thinking skills for solving complex and challenging business problems.
● Continually evaluate new models and techniques to create solutions that will deliver increased value to business clients.
● Become an expert in using existing tools for the purpose of onboarding new clients.
● Provide the feedback loop to continually improve the tools and process to build industry leading products and solutions.
● Work closely and communicate daily with the customer success team.
● Create custom demos to showcase for proof of concepts..
● Be responsible for the entire process of creating and maintaining the demo data allowing it to highlight not only current capabilities but also future ones.
● Design, implement, test, and maintain features in the following core systems within our platform.
● A social graph of the world’s sales data, incorporating hundreds of millions of records related to sales, people, companies, and deals to create actionable advice for sales and marketing teams.
● An intelligent system for matching sales activity (e-mails, calendar data, calls) with sales data records from Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, incorporating both complex business rules and using Machine Learning to leverage the company’s social graph.
● Continue to evolve our software development process to ensure customer-centric development with Product, Design, Data Science, and Engineering working together.
● Contribute significantly in research by filing patents and publishing papers in journals and conferences.

 What we’re really looking for…
● Minimum of a Doctoral or Master’s or Bachelor’s degree in a field that provides a strong quantitative and programming background: Computer Science, Information Technology, Electrical / Electronics Engineering, Mathematics, Statistics, Applied Mathematics, Operations Research, Economics etc. from Top Tier Organizations.
● Experience with advanced data modeling, machine learning algorithms, and data science techniques, including the majority of the following topics:
○ Programming for Data Science
○ Business Intelligence and Data Visualization
○ Predictive Analytics and Regression
○ Supervised Learning and Classification
○ Unsupervised Modeling and Recommendation
○ Time Series and Forecasting
○ Neural Networks and Deep Learning
○ Text Mining and Natural Language Processing
○ Image Processing and Computer Vision
○ Operations Research and Optimization

● Strong command of discrete and continuous probability theory, statistical analysis, cross validation, model evaluation, feature extraction and selection, hyperparameter tuning, dimensionality reduction etc.
● Working knowledge of C, C++, Java, Scala, Python and the SciPy stack (NumPy, Pandas, SKLearn, MatPlotLib, etc.).
● Proven track record on publication / patenting.
● Having understanding of the following project or product features:

○ Adaptive: They must learn as information changes, and as goals and requirements evolve. They must resolve ambiguity and tolerate unpredictability. They must be engineered to feed on dynamic data in real time.
○ Interactive: They must interact easily with users so that those users can define their needs comfortably. They must interact with other processors, devices, services, as well as with people.
○ Iterative and Stateful: They must aid in defining a problem by asking questions or finding additional source input if a problem statement is ambiguous or incomplete. They must remember previous interactions in a process and return information that is suitable for the specific application at that point in time.
○ Contextual: They must understand, identify, and extract contextual elements such as meaning, syntax, time, location, appropriate domain, regulation, user profile, process, task and goal. They may draw on multiple sources of information, including both structured and unstructured digital information, as well as sensory inputs (visual, gestural, auditory, or sensor-provided).

● A great communicator - must be able to explain technical concepts and analysis implications clearly to varied audiences and be able to translate business objectives into actionable analyses.
● Prior experience in Data Science projects on lead conversion, closing sales deals based on data available in a CRM system like Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities, Leads etc. highly desired.

Aviso offers...
● Dynamic, diverse, inclusive startup environment driven by transparency and velocity.
● Open working environment and collaborative office space.
● Convenient office locations in Redwood City, Hyderabad and Bangalore tech hubs.
● Competitive salaries and a focus on developing world class talent operations.
● Comprehensive health insurance available (medical) for you and your family.
● CEO innovation projects with cash awards, patent and publication bonus.
● Upskilling and learning support via paid conferences, online courses, and certifications.

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