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Head of Product Marketing

Mighty Networks

Palo Alto, CA, US
  • Job Type: Full-Time
  • Function: Marketing/PR/Product Mktg
  • Industry: Enterprise
  • Post Date: 10/13/2021
  • Website:
  • Company Address: 127 Lytton Ave, Palo Alto, CA

About Mighty Networks

Our mission at Mighty Networks is to usher in a new era of creative business built on community. Our SaaS platform serves “creators with a purpose” selling experiences, relationships, and expertise to their members via community, content, online courses, and subscription commerce–all offered in one place under the creator’s brand. The company is headquartered in Palo Alto, California and privately funded.

Job Description

Mighty Networks is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform ushering in a new era of creative business built on community. Its SaaS platform serves brands and creators “with a purpose” who want to bring their content, community, online courses, events, and memberships together in one place. 

Similar to a Shopify store, with a Mighty Network, a brand or creator has their own online destination with their choice of features and the ability to charge for digital subscriptions and products under their own brand and instantly available on their own website and native mobile apps. 

The Opportunity

The Head of Product Marketing will be tasked with collaborating with product and design to tell the story of the Mighty Networks’ product to key customer segments  — why it’s different from any other solution, how it compares to our competitive set, how entrepreneurs and creators can migrate from other platforms to a Mighty Network seamlessly, and help us launch our new product features in a way that generates buzz and free trials. They will build out an ambitious and focused product marketing team. 

They will lead the strategy and go-to-market (GTM) plan for two critical launches related to new features we’re shipping in Q4 of 2021 and Q1 of 2022.  

They will report to our SVP of Marketing, and work closely with the CEO, SVP of Product, and SVP of Business Operations to tell the Mighty Networks product story to the world. 

Specific Responsibilities

  • As the first product marketing hire at Mighty Networks you will build out and manage a team of PMMs. 
  • Drive the product marketing function in a category-defining company. Direct experience understanding and applying category creation to product marketing and the packaging up of launches and “lightning strikes.”
  • Package up our product launches to reach our next 11,000 Hosts and their members–generating excitement from brands, creators, entrepreneurs, and members who haven’t yet heard about Mighty Networks and our offering.  
  • Create and update the definitive competitive matrix so we’re always on top of our product differentiators, more established competitors, and new entrants.

Qualifications & Experience

  • You have 7-10 years as a Product Marketing leader and experience as a people manager. 
  • You’ve grown a product from early adoption through to a wider mainstream audience — driving the product marketing function in a company growing from $10M ARR to $50 ARR and beyond. 
  • You have direct experience starting and scaling the product marketing team at a high-growth startup (SaaS experience preferred).
  • You’re able to point to campaigns where you were responsible for a product launch that drove significant revenue.

  • You’ve harnessed beta tester/customer feedback and turned it into part of a successful launch strategy.

  • You have experience iterating on pricing models for a product, informed by a combination of customer research, competitive/market analysis, and data-driven experimentation.

  • You can point to several times when you’ve created alignment across product, engineering, and marketing/business teams in the service of maximizing the impact of a product or feature.


  • You have experience tapping into social media, influencers, and events to help amplify product launches and features beyond your existing customer base.

  • You can point to inbound campaigns where you identified whitespace in the market and created content that highlighted the product differentiators to capture leads, sales, or trials. 

  • You have experience successfully launching a product in a brand new geographic market or to a new industry vertical.

  • You have experience analyzing both qualitative and quantitative data and the ability to extract actionable insights from that data. 

Personal Characteristics

  • You love the puzzle of product-market-fit and how to drive adoption of new software at 10x or even 100x the scale from where you started.
  • You’re obsessed with how new products build new categories and the relationship between category, company, and product in delivering scale.
  • You are excellent at identifying and nurturing talent. 
  • You’re able to guide a team to results that seemed impossible when you started.
  • You’re able to clearly distill and compellingly communicate your POV and needs to different audiences.
  • You are a creative and resourceful problem solver comfortable with change and the dynamic environment of a rapidly growing startup.
  • You love experimenting your way through ambiguous problems. 
  • You are low ego and pride yourself on accomplishing a lot by working smarter, not necessarily harder. 
  • You are comfortable in rooms with strong personalities, and can skillfully present and articulate your POV while remaining open to feedback. 
  • You love working on a team and are not only strategic, but happy to roll up your sleeves and help execute. 
  • You are energized by helping entrepreneurs and creators build their businesses. You have a passion for community-building. 

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