Head of Field & Customer Marketing


United States of America / Canada / Remote
  • Job Type: Full-Time
  • Function: Marketing/PR/Product Mktg
  • Industry: Enterprise
  • Post Date: 01/21/2023
  • Website: mutinyhq.com
  • Company Address: , San Francisco, CA 94110, US
  • Salary Range: $50,000 - $150,000

About Mutiny

Mutiny helps B2B companies personalize their website for each visitor in order to convert the 99% of traffic that bounces. Visitors bounce because customers from different industries and company sizes are looking for different things on your site. Mutiny enables you to engage them with a tailored experience made just for them, so they get what they want, faster.

Job Description

As a leader on Mutiny’s marketing team, your goal will be to grow, nurture, and empower our amazing community of marketers, online and offline. This is a pivotal new role that will allow you to flex your creative muscles, build from the ground up, and have a measurable impact on Mutiny’s business and mission for years to come.

Here are some things you’ll do in the next 18 months:

  • Build and execute ambitious multi-channel, multi-touch campaigns to drive and accelerate pipeline generation.
  • Drive the growth of M2, our owned community for top marketers. You’ll plan and produce world-class community focused events (virtual and in-person), content, and advocacy programs.
  • Drive education initiatives for current and future customers, partners, and anyone else interested in elevating their marketing careers.
  • Collaborate with our partner ecosystem on co-marketing activities, while forging new partner relationships.

Between layoffs, budget cuts, and rising CAC, marketers are experiencing times of trouble. It’s times like these that community matters so much. This is a unique role to build an ecosystem marketing team that sits at the intersection of events, community, and partnerships.

What you bring: 

  • You are highly creative. We’re not the type of company that would host a customer conference at a hotel ballroom. We want you to push the envelope.
  • You are extremely organized. You live and breathe tracking spreadsheets, never miss a deadline, and are always proactive.
  • You are a natural relationship builder and skilled conductor. You should be able to successfully forge symbiotic relationships with net-new partners and push the envelope together.
  • Experience building and leading marketing teams
  • 4+ years experience in B2B marketing, with an emphasis on event planning and curation, content strategy, and community management
  • Demonstrated ability to build objective-driven programs and experiences from the ground up
  • Someone who is energized by ambiguity and can create structure in a dynamic, fast-paced environment. A big plus for experience working at a high growth startup (series A-D).
  • An exceptionally high performance bar for oneself and everyone on the team. Unafraid to communicate what’s working and what needs to change.
  • A kind human who wants to build an extraordinary product, culture, brand and customer experience.
  • Entrepreneurial experience a strong plus

What you’ll get out of it:

  • You are joining a rocketship! We are backed by Sequoia Capital, Y Combinator and CMOs from some of today's fastest-growing tech companies including AngelList, Carta, Gong, Hopin, Salesforce, and Snowflake. We are growing incredibly fast and about to hit another inflection point. The potential is unreal. Join and you’ll see what we mean.
  • You will create a name for yourself by getting to work with and support some of the fastest growing companies in B2B SaaS.
  • You will get exposure to real business problems every company faces (growth) that you can take with you to start your own company (or to help scale another).
  • You will have fun, plain and simple. There is a reason our first company value is that work should feel like play.
  • You will experience a new way of working. Our team is fully distributed across North America and the EU. But we come together as a company for quarterly offsites (usually in super fun places like Hawaii and Salt Lake City). This combination of experience-based work is a competitive advantage we plan on leaning into.

These values define how we approach our work every single day:

  • Work should feel like play
  • Faster always wins
  • Stir the pot, regularly
  • Do the right thing when no one’s watching
  • All hands on deck
  • Live in the world you want to change

We also believe in balanced teams, which is why we have maintained a 50% male to female ratio in our investors and are committed to maintaining diversity of gender, lifestyle, ethnicity and thinking in our team as we scale.

We are fully remote.